Effective Storm Shelters for Your Maximum Safety

Effective Storm Shelters for Your Maximum Safety Natural calamities like Tornadoes often create un unthinkable destruction of life and property. A lot of protective measures have been designed and manufactured so far but not all of them are as effective as is expected of them. Tornado safe has always been dovoted to creating quality products […]

How to Prepare For Tornado Season

How to Prepare For Tornado Season While the official tornado season in the Oklahoma City area spans from late March through August, violent storms have been known to occur at any time of year in the twister-prone region known as “tornado alley.” In fact, Oklahoma City experiences more tornado strikes than any other city in […]

Surviving A Tornado When Your Home May Not

Surviving A Tornado When Your Home May Not Tornadoes are one of the more frightening weather phenomenons in nature. They have lead to some heartbreaking tragedies in recent years, like the kids in Oklahoma who lost their lives when an EF5 tornado tore through their elementary school last summer. Shortly thereafter another massive twister claimed […]

Tornado and Storm Shelters service

Technically storm shelters are not essential to any association or federal statute. Neither looks either way before you cross the trail, a few things just seem sensible. There are certain states which are researching passing laws requiring that new structures being built use a reinforced room built into the structure. The reinforcement will act youngster […]

Tornado Safe Room Save You…

Tornado Safe Room Save You And you’re Family from the Dangerous Tornadoes   While constructing the dream house of your own, you make every possible effort to make your residence look beautiful. From setting up the best looking furniture to installation of the latest technology, you put in your best and make the place worth […]