Exploring the Benefits of an All Weather Shelter

It’s a given that natural disasters can strike anywhere, at any time. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to feel helpless or even completely unprepared. You can get an all weather shelter that gets the job done nicely. There’s a great selection online, but you might not be completely convinced of the benefits of […]

What is an Emergency Response Shelter?

Whether we recognize or not the impact of human activity on the environment, the fact remains that climate is changing, as evidenced by the increasing number and intensity of what we call natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and so on. Since times immemorial, man looked for shelter to protect themselves against nature or […]

Safety in the Storm

Safety in the Storm – The Four Steps to Keeping Your Family Safe in a Tornado Four things must happen for you to stay safe in the event of a tornado. First, the National Weather Service must issue a good warning, which most often is the case. Second, word has to get out that a […]

Storm Preparedness During Tornado Season

Tornadoes may not strike on the massive scale of hurricanes, but the devastation can still be incredible. Recently cutting a swath through the Midwest, a series of 147 tornadoes was responsible for producing one-inch size hail, wind gusts of greater than 60 miles an hour and the deaths of six people. The town of Thurman, […]

Staying Safe in Hurricane Season

Most years, some part of Florida is affected by a hurricane. Sometimes multiple hurricanes strike in a single season, and they vary in severity. Long-time Floridians are familiar with hurricanes and know how to stay safe. Newer residents might not have the experience to know what precautions to take. Even some natives might believe myths […]

A Sanctuary For Your Home In Turbulent Times

Safe Rooms – A Sanctuary For Your Home In Turbulent Times Extreme weather conditions resulting from typhoons and tornadoes cause loss to life and property that is directly proportional to the severity of the winds that accompany these weather events. Almost every state in the country has experienced typhoons or tornadoes. Some are more prone […]

How to Handle Storm Damage

The recent storms that have been hitting us are much more violent and powerful than the ones that we have been used to before. It has taken a lot of people by surprise and caused a lot of damage to property. Nobody wants to be in that kind of situation, but just in case that […]