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About Tornado Shelters


A tornado shelter is a necessity for your home if you live in the Midwest of the U.S. There are times in a person’s life when no matter how strong, how fast, or how smart you are, there is nothing that you can do to prevent what is about to happen; Tornado Shelters can help you get through those times. Nature has always had a way of reminding us exactly how small we are. Devastating storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, there are many different that weather can change our lives in an instant. Sometimes we have warning, like with a hurricane, and then there are those times where a warning is impossible, like with a fast developing tornado. The best thing you can do to survive is, like the Boy Scouts say, Always Be Prepared. Having a shelter in your home is the best way to always be prepared for whatever may come.

Options for Tornado Shelter

Most shelters are built into basements for structural reasons, but that is not the only option you have. Safe rooms can be built onto your house as a simple addition, or in your garage, carport, or as part of your patio. Tornado Shelters can build a safe room for you to your specifications. Sizes for in home safe rooms can range from closet sized to the size of a large room; choices are near limitless when it comes to size of your shelter. If you desire an in home safe room, we provide an assortment of metal safe rooms that can be installed in any room in your house, even in a closet. All of our rooms, inside and outside, are built above the standards issued by F.E.M.A. for safe rooms.

Fire protection

Weather is not the only threat that our homes face on a regular basis. Wildfires burn millions of acres across the United States every year. Some fires are man made and can be completely avoided, but not all fires can be foreseen. There is no way to predict when a lightning strike is going to start a wildfire that has the potential to rage on for weeks and cause millions of dollars in damage. Fire is indiscriminate in its destruction; a two dollar knock knack will burn just the same as a priceless family heirloom will. If you live in an area that has suffered damage then you have seen how hard it is to start from scratch with nothing. The smallest things can make a big difference when you have just lost everything. A photo album, family videos, wills, banking information, any important information or sentimental heirloom can be stored in a safe room and kept completely safe from fire damage. Tornado Shelters can provide you with the perfect fireproof place to keep your irreplaceable mementos, important papers, and heirlooms.

Personal security

No matter how unlikely it may seem, we have all seen news reports that prove your home is not the sanctuary of safety that it was years ago. Times have changed and violence continues to grow rampantly across the nation. Small towns, big towns, rural areas, violent crimes have touched every crevice of America. Statistically, violence in the home is the one of the fastest growing types of crime in the United States. Nobody should have to be concerned about their safety in their own home. Tornado Shelters can make sure that you always have a place to feel in your home.


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