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Effective Storm Shelters for Your Maximum Safety

Effective Storm Shelters for Your Maximum Safety

Natural calamities like Tornadoes often create un unthinkable destruction of life and property. A lot of protective measures have been designed and manufactured so far but not all of them are as effective as is expected of them.
Tornado safe has always been dovoted to creating quality products from design manufacture and finally installation. Here they manufacture strong solid tornado shelter that are designed and build for effective protection. Their policy is to high quality products for maximum safety and that too at a very affordable price.

The storm shelters are manufactured on the guidelines set by FEMA and are tested Wind Science Enginering & Reserach Center & Texas Tech. They have the ability to resist impacts pf more than 250 mph winds of a high speed tornado like EF 5.
The company makes it a point to maintain high level professional service even after the deals are made. The company never use sub contractors but always use highly trained inhouse installers for carrying out the installation processes. The staff also pay meticulous attention to every little detail during the installation because they understand that, precision is of extreme importance where safety is concerned. They also do periodic checkups for the unkeep of their product and to ensure that everything is in place and will be effective during emergencies.

The procedure of ordering a tornado shelter is also a very simple process. There is no need for any site visit since their standard procedure involves installation of the device about a feet from the opening of the garage door. The customers get to decide the side of the grage they want to set the equipment. The process is also beyond simple and get done is a very short amount of time and the customers are also spared from hassles related to the installation process. Detailing is also given special attention during the entire process and quality is never compromised on under any circumstances. They have surprise install check policy for ensuring the maintenance quality. The customers can also enjoy rebated if they order this equipment. The rate of rebate is depended on the state the customer belongs to.

It is always better to have a shelter built during the construction of the home and homebuilders and contractors play and important role is this aspect. Tornado shelter providers have a special contrator/ builder program in which any residential builder can participate and recieve special discounts.



Source: Artipot