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Reasons To Build A Safe Room and How To Save As You Rebuild After A Natural Disaster

Although a home may be built “to code” that does not mean it can withstand the intense winds from the events of a tornado or major hurricane. Building a safe room in your home can help you protect yourself and your family from injury caused by dangerous extreme winds. After going through a natural disaster a safe room can relieve some of the anxiety that builds up during the threat of an oncoming tornado or hurricane. The purpose of this room is to provide a room where you can seek refuge that provides protection for you and your loved ones. This room can be built in one of several places in your home:

A Master closet in a bedroom.
Any bathroom in your home.
The utility room.
The basement of your home.
Any interior room on the first floor.
On any concrete slab-on-grade foundation.
Your garage.

A safe room can be built below-ground, however, this room must be designed to avoid water during high rains. A safe room built inside a home can provide all the necessary protection needed. It must be built to withstand high winds and any flying debris. Take this information into consideration when building a safe room:

The connections between all walls and the ceiling must be strong enough to resist high winds.
The sections of the walls must be separated from the structure of the residence. This is so that damage that may be done to the home will not cause damage to the safe room.
The room must be anchored adequately to resist the chance of overturning and/or being uplifted.
All walls, doors, and the ceiling must be able to withstand wind pressure and penetration by debris.

If you are relying on your shelter for tornado protection, the recommended amount of space needed per person is 5 square feet since this is not a long lasting natural disaster. But since hurricanes can last up to 12 hours it is recommended that 10 square feet per person is needed for comfort. Running water and a toilet are also recommended for this size room and type of storm.

Safe rooms are usually stocked with emergency and survival items. These items should include a flashlight, batteries, water, packaged foods, a first-aid kit, blankets, and a portable toilet for the smaller rooms.

Grants and funding opportunities are available for people that want to build a safe room for the protection of themselves and their families. These can easily be found online by searching for “safe room grants and funding”.

There are ways to save on your safe room and the rebuilding of your home. You can save on all of the building supplies and materials needed – along with all your furniture and necessities needed to finish off your home once the rebuilding is complete. Save today and for the rest of your life. There is a better future for you and your loved ones!


Source: Ezinearticles