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Safe Rooms to Keep You Secure During Storms

Tornado Safe has both in ground and over the ground shelters. They are available in different sizes, capable of housing 4 to 20 people. There are removable steps which can give more room to the safes. The shelters have a sliding door and also a backdoor for emergencies. The above the ground shelter is also of very high standard. They have solid welds and custom designed air vents. The shelter comes with bulletproof windows. The door swings both ways, so if the front door gets blockaded with debris it can be pulled inside.

In a state as storm ravaged the citizens always need to be ready for the worst catastrophe. So, it is always advisable to invest in a good safe room and be prepared for the worst situations.

Tornado safe room provider is dedicated to quality and excellence in storm shelters. They have created a benchmark in the industry with regards to quality and design. Their shelters are strong, durable and are resistant to corrosion and moulding.

They have an excellent installation team that make sure that the product is installed perfectly. They do not use any third party technicians for this purpose. They use only their inhouse trained personnel to ensure the quality. Their safe rooms built out of solid steel with quarter inch thickness. They are coated with ShelterShield that provides protection against rust and leakages. The products meets the FEMA standards and are proven to provide resistance to powerful EF 5 Tornadoes.

This company understands that convenience is the most essential part when it comes to storms. Therefore, they have manufactured devices that are very convenient to use especially during the most dangerous conditions. They do not take up any extra room in the customer’s house rather they can be installed a foot from the garage door. The customer can decide the side of the garage door where they want it set up.

The installation of either type of shelter takes about 4 to 8 hours and are tested for functionality. They charge very affordable rates for the products, but the quality is always met. Tornado safe room compay also offers a preferred contractor program for the local contractors. The local contractors can benefit from this program and get additional discounts on the new projects. There is a form available on their web site which they can fill out and become a part of this program.



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