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Solid and Sturdy Storm Shelters for Your Safety

Tornado safe shelter company is dedicated towards manufacture of safes that can combat the onslaught of powerful winds. A city that is often ravaged by powerful tornadoes, the need for good garage shelters in every home is an imperative. Tornado safe shelter company aims towards design and manufacture of strong, sturdy shelters made of steel that will keep you and your family safe and secure. Their product quality is certified by Texas Tech and also exceed the guidelines set by FEMA. The heavy duty steel that they use have epoxy coating and prevents rusting and corrosion.

Tornado safe shelter company also provides lifetime warranty against leaking and floating. They are also into installation of these products and provides the best service in the industry. Their installation team is qualified and professional and they are trained extensively to provide detailed and accurate installation service. Proper installation is very essential for the smooth functioning of the product. If it is not set up properly many problems may arise in the future, even the lives of the occupants may be at risk. Therefore, tornado safe shelter company gives special attention to it.

Their service is so good that there is hardly any need for maintenance services in the near future. Their methods are more refined and detailed than that of their competitors. They also charge affordable prices from the customers and provide top quality services. Tornado safe shelter company understands that during storm convenience is very essential. The customer need products that they can easily access and use at a moment’s notice. The storm shelters manufactured by this company is all about ease and convenience. These safes do not need extra spaces and can be installed in the garage itself.

The standard protocol of the company is installation of the safes a foot from the garage doors. You can choose the side according to your convenience. When not in use you can park the car on top of the shelters. In fact, you do not even have to move the vehicle when you want to access it. Over the ground shelters are also available that have bulletproof windows and opens inside out. The last feature is very essential since if the door does not open outside due to debris, then you can open it inside. They also have a safe room rebate program of a storm safe. You just need to register for this program once and don’t need to re register every year.


Source: Artipot