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Storm Shelters that will Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe

In a storm prone city the people and the property are always at risk. To prevent damage to life and property storm shelters have a huge demand. Toranado Safe is in the business of manufacturing these shelters and they are definitely one of the best. This company dedicated its resources in design and manufacture of the finest quality products. They also take care of the installation and also do servicing at regular intervals.

This company always use inhouse installers who are well trained and adhere to the standards set by the company. The safes are made out of solid steel and they are tested to withstand the powerful winds of the EF-5 tornado. The products manufactured by this company meets the standards set by FEMA. The products have also been tested by Texas Tech, Wind Science & Engineering Research Center and have passed highest certifications.

The staff and the technicians of Tornado Safe are very helpful and professional. They extend comprehensive assistance to the customers. They pay extra attention to every little detail during the installation process. They also do periodic checkups to make sure that the quality control measures are in order. The company also provide non transferable warranty against floating and leaking.

The procedure of ordering the tornado shelter are also simple. There is no need for the technicians to visit the customer’s homes. The standard protocol in to install the product a foot from the garage door. This below the ground installation saves a lot of space. The customer can choose the side of the garage they want their shelters installed. The customers just need to complete a basic contract and deposit the defined amounts. On depositing the money, the customers will be given a date of installation. This process can also be carried over the phone or in the showroom of the company. They rest will be taken care of the company and the procedure is fast and efficient.

The products are all made of heavy duty steel and they have a sealant epoxy coating that prevents the material from rusting. There is a sliding lid and also a secondary door with back release. There are removable steps that help create more area. The products are available in three sizes, the small medium and large. The small one houses about 6 to 8 people, the medium one can fit 8 to 12 people and the large one takes care of 12 to 16 people. The customer can choose either one depending on their requirement.


Source: Artipot