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Storm Shelters to Keep You Safe Even During the Worst Weather Conditions

The customers can choose the side of the garage door they want the product installed. This is very useful since it does not use up a lot of valuable space. The products are available in various dimensions which the customers can choose from according to their need and size of family. The products are heavy duty and are protected against rusting and leaking. The metal is also non corrosive and are resistant to mold formation.

There are some states that are often ravaged by powerful storms, especially Tornado. These powerful tornadoes are capable of creating a whole lot of destruction of life and property. Tornado Safe manufactures highest quality storm shelters that provide security to the customers. They are dedicated towards design and manufacture of the best quality products and installation process in the market.

The safe room that they manufacture are made of solid steel and they are compact and durable. For installation they do not depend on any outsiders, but use only their well trained experts for it. It is important that the shelters must be installed at a very convenient place so that the people are able to go there as soon as the need arises. The standard protocol of Tornado Safe involves places the safes a foot from the garage doors.

They safes are tested for durability by Texas Tech and found to withstand the powerful winds of EF 5 Tornado. Tornado Safe also provides the customers with a non transferable warranty against floating and leaking. They also pay extra attention to the details of installation. They make sure that the installation process is carried out well and they also make periodic checks on maintenance. You can engage their services by just giving them a call or you can go to their showroom and pay an advance and set a date. No time will be wasted and they will send the technicians to your home on a pre set date.

They also run a number of rebate programs which the customers can register and enjoy a number of discounts. They also run a preferred contractor program where the residential contractors can sign up and enjoy a number of benefits. There is an online form available on their web site which they can fill out with their credentials. They will be given a call back within 1 to 2 working days with more information. This program includes a lot of discounts and advantages for the contractors.



Source: Artipot