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Things to Consider When Creating a Safe Room in Your Home


Safe rooms are major necessities when a household is worried about natural disasters, robberies, and any other type of emergency situations that can occur within their homes. If you have never had one before, you should probably consider some things before you build your very own safe room for your home.

Before doing any type of major remodeling, you definitely want to research the different regulation codes and mandated laws when it comes to specific locations and areas of the home. Some towns actually have codes which restrict how high a building can reach, how many square feet it can cover, as well as which materials to use during the building of a safe house.

Safe rooms can give support under any type of trying circumstance. Obviously, a safety room makes a perfect storm shelter. Usually, they are built for protection from extreme weather conditions. Traditionally, safe homes are built outdoors and underground. These can be beneficial as root cellars and storage areas as well. But their main function is to keep people safe from tornadoes and floods.

Safety rooms are also great as for as protection from home invaders. If a family can afford it, these rooms can be very high-tech making it virtually impossible for an intrusion to take place. Ultimately, this is the best option for someone who lives alone or for a family that feels unsafe and close to danger. The best tip when making this type of safe room is to install a working phone so that if an emergency situation occurs, you can easily contact the outside world. You should also have some type of medical emergency kits available with all the first aid tools present in case somebody ends up injured.

The most common type of safe room is through the use of a closet or false wall. This is highly recommended. You should never place your safe room in the basement or top floor of your house. This is not functional at all and you definitely want a location that you can get to quickly when danger is near.

You may also consider using an hid conversion kit for your light source and making your safe room green friendly. Not only will this save on energy costs, but if you happen to be stuck in an underground cellar for quite some time, your bulbs will last much longer. It will definitely be a more comfortable stay.


Source: Ezinearticles