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Why Go For A Tornado Safe Room?

Every year, extreme winds cause loss of life and damage to property. When disaster strikes, there is no stopping it. What is useful is taking precautions in advance. Oklahoma has the most number of tornadoes per year, second only after Indiana. Part of living in Tulsa, OK is spending sleepless nights worrying about the tornado. It is among the most tornado prone areas, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. With nearly 40 tornadoes a year, getting a tornado safe room is a must.

What is a Tornado Safe Room?

A tornado safe room is a structure specially designed to provide protection in extreme weather conditions. Made from reinforced steel, a concrete slab is used to anchor the safe room. It provides near absolute protection from injury and death. The size varies according to the number of people who shall be using it. It can be installed in homes and offices and during a tornado warning can quickly be used to seek shelter. While storm safe rooms are also installed in basements, it is usually recommended to construct it above the ground level as basements can be inaccessible in cases of physical disability or injury. A lot of contractors are now providing pre-manufactured Tornado Safe Rooms.

Alternatives to Tornado Safe Rooms

Traditionally, basements have been used during storms, but strong tornadoes can cause the walls to collapse and the disappearance of the floor framing. In some cases, basements are also prone to flooding. Unless the basement has been constructed keeping in mind all factors and the speed of the wind, it is safer to go for a safe room. A storm safe room is designed keeping in mind the wind speed and the resulting wind pressure so it ensures that you and your family stay safe and secure when there is a storm raging outside. Meteorological records and investigation of damaged buildings are used to determine the required strength of the structures.

In a tornado prone region, it is unsafe to rely upon community shelters. More often than not during the tornadoes, outside shelters become inaccessible. Houses cannot be constructed to resist winds nearing the speed of 250mph no matter whatever codes for building the local bodies prescribe. Storm safe rooms are a boon in such extreme wind conditions.

Total Storm Shelters

Quality storm safe rooms are provided by Total Storm Shelters. There structures have stood their ground in the most extreme of winds ensuring safety for you and your family.



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