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Tornado Shelter Incentives Increasing Manufactured Housing Sales

Tornado Shelter Incentives Increasing Manufactured Housing Sales

Tornado Shelters offer protection from some of the most deadly storms in nature. Some industries that could greatly benefit from offering these types of product to customers tend to shy away due to a lack of education and marketing. For example, some companies in the manufactured housing industry have a fear based relationship with tornado shelters. Many of the sales centers feel that if they even mention the word tornado it will scare customers off. Then, there are those who face this issue straight on and benefit both seller and buyer.

Many deaths from tornadoes are due to the protective structure being destroyed. Tornadoes have destroyed buildings of all types. A tornado can destroy a mansion or a shopping mall, but history and statistics show that nearly half of all tornado deaths occur in manufactured houses or mobile homes. This is a fact that nearly all customers are aware of before purchasing a manufactured home. The thought that mentioning a tornado during that sales process would discourage a customer from buying this type of home is assuming that the customer is not aware of the risk tornadoes can cause to this type of structure. In the era where consumer education is readily available on the the Internet, this assumption could result in great loss of sales.Most people, who are concerned with the risk of tornado devastation while living in a manufactured home, would never even consider buying that type of home, due to their fears. Yet a number of creative and informed manufactured housing retailers have realized that there is a very simple solution that offers more protection than a home with a basement. Adding a storm shelter to the purchase of a manufactured home ensures that homeowner has the safest possible option in the event of a storm.

The manufactured housing sales centers that offer these types of products as a selling tool have seen a huge increase in sales and potential customers. Those that go further, such as educating the consumer about tornado safety or other innovative marketing tactics see increased home sales also. Many companies and retail manufactured home centers are now offering a tornado shelter as an incentive with the purchase of a new home. This has enabled a number of successful sales teams to reach customers who are avoiding these products all together due to uneducated safety concerns with an immediate answer to their problem. The fact is that there is no type of house available that is safer than a shelter designed to protect people against one of these deadly storms. Consumers are responding favorably to sellers who are addressing this issue.

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