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Tornado Shelters For The Absolute Safety of Your Family

Storm Room

Tornado safe room providers are dedicated towards the safety of the customers against the worst of storms and winds. Their expert team is dedicated towards the excellence and quality in designs and manufacturing. All their installers are well trained and experts and they take extra care to get the work done properly.In Tornado Safe rooms you will find proper storm shelter made out of solid steel and they always make it a point of keeping the standards high. They are installed by the professionals of this company and the price that they charge for it is also very nominal. The materials used for the manufacture of the products is also of high quality and the manufacturing process follows the norms and guidelines et forth by FEMA.

The tornado shelters are tested for effectiveness in the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. There they have passed the certification of withstanding 250 mph winds of a powerful EF 5 tornado.The staff of this company pays extra attention to every little detail and they also do periodic checks after the installation process.They always make sure even after the sales process is over that the customer’s safety is never compromised on. All their products are made locally hence they maintain a tight control on the quality standards. They never use any external staff in their services. All the installation processes are carried out by the in house experts who are trained according to the company’s requirements. The company also provides a lifetime warranty against all leakages and floating problems.

The procedure of ordering the items is also very easy and simple. The staff of tornado safe room compay does not need to come to your residence for site evaluation. Their standard protocol involves installation of the safe about a foot from the opening of the garage door. You can decide which site of the garage you want the safe installed and they will get it done.The process is also very simple and it is also very easy to install. After the process is completed, you can also park the vehicle on the shelter without any trouble.


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