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Welded Safe Rooms And Shelters Are Needed in Natural Disasters

Storm Room

Due to weather patterns becoming more unpredictable and dangerous in recent years, there is no better time to begin to consider learning welding. There has arisen an acute need for welded safe rooms and shelters, both factory stock and custom built. For both industrial employment and entrepreneurial businesses, the flexibility of welding as a skill will allow the graduate to contribute to these much-needed industries worldwide. Welding is superior to other kinds of structures. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Welded Safe Rooms Seal Tight

Welded steel safe rooms are superior to riveted joint structures due to the sealed joints and their ability to protect the room from toxic or flammable vapors, rising waters and insects. Welded joints are solid, keeping these rooms drier. This protects the interior from mold and mildew.

Go anywhere

Welded metal rooms can be custom built into a home, as well, before it is constructed. Some people prefer a safe room to be built somewhere on the property, outside the home. These can be multi-purpose structures, lending themselves to dry storage areas or other uses when not being used as a shelter.


Shipping containers, also, have begun to service disaster-ravaged areas, and are being modified to provide safe places for displaced families to live. Haiti and several other flood-prone areas have been retrofitting shipping containers by welding the structures to provide doorways, windows and other necessary features.

Offers Reinforcement

In the US, building codes and requirements in earthquake-prone areas are changing to upgrade existing structures. Bridges, skyscrapers, and government buildings are being repaired and reinforced to withstand seismic activity that has damaged or might damage existing infrastructure.

Welding Schools and Training

Welding trade schools are located all over the US pay scales range anywhere per year. According to the job search website, there are over 4,100 available job listings throughout the U.S. as of 6/3/10. Some of these are government welder positions, but many are private or contracted openings. In searches for a well-paid and growing trade, welding school should be on everyone’s list.



Source: Sooperarticles